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Whitewater Rafting: The Worst Kept Adventure Secret

California is known for its water sports. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kitesurfing, kayaking, and boating are all common occurrences here in the Golden State. But there is one more on the list, and the secret is out: whitewater rafting. California has some of the best rivers in the country to try this thrilling and fast-paced sport. So, hang on tight, because this is the low down on rafting in California.

There are many rivers in the state, but some of the best rafting is done on the
American River. This river has a few sections, called forks. Certain forks can be rafted certain times of the year, for example, the Middle Fork season starts in spring and continues to Labor Day. The season for the South Fork begins in spring as well and continues into October with weekend trips. Other popular California rivers are the Kern, Russian and Tuolumne rivers, as well as Cherry Creek.

What to Expect

Rapids are categorized into classes depending on their strength and intensity. Class one is the easiest with smooth water and clear passages down the river. Class six is the most challenging and dangerous and should not be attempted unless an Olympic-level expert.

The water level is another critical aspect of rafting and an important one for safety. This system dictates how fast a river is flowing and how intense the rapids will be. These range from ‘L’ for low water levels to ‘F’ for flooded. Guided tours are the best way to experience whitewater rafting, especially for beginners. They have the advantage of intimate knowledge of the river and its seasons and time-tested tour guides who know the rapids and are trained to handle possible emergencies.

Besides expertise, tour outfits provide all the necessary equipment for safely and comfortably getting down the river. Besides the actual raft, there are wetsuits and booties for warmth, paddles and life jackets to consider. The tour company will have sizes to fit most people from children to adults. Rafting tours come in a variety of experiences, from five miles to over 20 and can range from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Lunch is included on the day trips, but not for half-day trips Inquire with the company about what tours are on offer to see which the best fit is.

Get Out There and Get Wet

The South Fork of the American river is one of the most popular spots to whitewater raft, and probably the best for beginners. With a little previous experience, the Middle Fork is the best to tackle next to hone those rafting skills. There is a lot to consider when planning a solo or family rafting trip. There are many great tour companies ready to assist in deciding which class of rapids and how long of a trip fit the budget and time frame. California has many stunning rivers, valleys, and wild spaces on offer. It’s time to get out there and make the most of life.

Three Beautifully Designed Restaurants In Birmingham

The Nosh And Quaff

Situated in Birmingham’s Colmore Row, this uniquely designed restaurant is set in a Victorian building with high, arched windows on one side and two other walls of exposed red-brown brickwork. Wooden flooring has a distinctly worn appearance. The high ceiling disappears beyond the large, oversized wooden pallets that are suspended in a haphazard fashion above the dining room. At least a score of small square wooden tables are arranged beneath and are set with comfortable tub style chairs. Several deep red upholstered leather sofas are placed at right angles to the arched windows creating separate areas for diners to have a little more seclusion. There is a bar over at the far side which is low and wooden, highlighted towards the back by panelled inserts of abstract mosaics in a mixture of greens and yellows. The lighting is perhaps the most eye catching as massive stage searchlights are suspended from the ceiling in rows creating the illusion of a restaurant hidden away in the props room.


This restaurant, also in Colmore Row, Birmingham, makes an immediate impact. An overall colour scheme of light golden beige has contrasting curved back comfortable chairs in a lilac grey dotted about the round glass topped tables. From some of the tables are large centrepieces that fan out and up towards the high ceiling recreating an impression of the archways beneath a cathedral or perhaps, where there are trailing plants, the roofs within caves. Strands of tiny bright white lights are woven around the twisting structures, reminiscent of the stars in the sky. The wood and brown carpet flooring continue the arched theme as they swirl in tandem between the tables.

The Stable

Located in the City Centre of Birmingham, The Stable is an extreme, minimalist design that uses the restaurant’s name as inspiration. Dark wooden flooring and walls created from thin vertical slats of wooden panelling are indeed like the walls of a stable. To complete the picture, there are several bare light bulbs suspended low over plain wooden tables and chairs. On one wall is the only ornament, a cartoon sketch of a bull’s head, a tribute to the famous statue of “Bully” who guards the nearby Bull Ring Market. Over on the far wall are brown leather upholstered bench style seats where diners can relax. Creating instant impressions is what Dawnvale continue to do as they turn the strangest of themes into unique, bespoke designs for restaurants.

Enjoy A Fresh Cup of Coffee the Way You Like It

Not everything in life must be a sacrifice. Sometimes you really can have it all. That is how so many users of Keurig coffee machines must feel about the product that they have purchased. A lot of people say that they will not go back to their boring old coffee machine after they have had the opportunity to try out some of the Keurig flavors that are out on the market these days. It makes sense because the Keurig machine makes it possible to have a unique and personalized coffee experience.

You Don’t Have to Go Through A Whole Pot of One Flavor

Home coffee makers were surely among the most amazing of inventions to those who tried them out early on. They had to be blown away by the fact that they could now make delicious coffee right in their own homes. Yes, this was a great time to be a coffee lover, but things were only going to get better from there. Keurig machines made the whole concept of an old-fashioned coffee maker a bit out of touch. Why bother with making a whole pot of just one flavor when you can have it all and make your own individual cups of whatever flavor happens to tickle your fancy on that day?

That is what the makers of Keurig were thinking, and that is why they have now put out such a variety of flavors. Are you someone who likes your coffee on the sweet side? Why not try something like the cinnamon roll flavor? Maybe that doesn’t do it for you, but a classic roast would. If so, then you need to go with something like hazelnut or French vanilla. Either one of those would be great for the coffee traditionalist.

Branching Out

Not everyone likes coffee and not everyone likes the flavors that are out there. Luckily, the machine is so unique that it can whip up things other than just coffee. Maybe a hot tea would do the trick for certain people. Those individuals might like something like the lemon zinger flavor for their Keurig maker. That is what literally makes this machine so appealing to so many people. They love that it can mold to their unique desires and tastes at a moment’s notice.

You can find hot chocolate brands, decaf coffee, and of course the hot teas. You don’t have to rely on any one flavor as being your go to flavor, and you can enjoy a good cup of coffee whenever the urge hits you. When you put this all together, it is quite clear why so many people love their Keurig machines so much. The reality is that we just can’t get enough of them because they are great gifts that speak to our individuality and desire for great caffeinated beverages. They are a modern-day invention that is specifically designed for someone who lives in the instant gratification kind of culture that we all do at this point.